Intercept Technology Inc. is the leading supplier of PCB, Hybrid, and RF software solutions. Intercept's EDA software suite includes PCB layout design with specialized RF, Hybrid, and high speed design options, schematic design, simulation interfaces, design for manufacture (DFM) rules checking, library management, and 35+ database translators and interfaces that facilitate full environment migration and the completion of RF, Hybrid, High Speed, SiP, Analog, Digital, and Mixed-Signal designs. Additionally, Intercept's software solutions are scalable, serving small, medium, and large sized companies.

Press Releases


December 2: Intercept Releases Expanded EMSAT Viewer <go


August 19: Intercept Strengthens Canadian Representation with Kaltron <go


June 24: Intercept Expands to India with Tecnode Solutions <go  


June 3: Intercept Launches Enhanced RF Design Flow with Agilent's ADS Board Link <go  

News & Events


Pantheon Demo Video: EMSAT + Pantheon Viewer <watch  


Pantheon Demo Video: Intercept's Bidirectional Interface with Agilent's ADS Board Link <watch  


Pantheon Demo Video: How to Work with Primitives <watch