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EDA software environment for PCB, RF, High-speed, & Hybrid.

  • Unified, bidirectional CAD/CAE software
  • Advanced design constraints and auto-tuning
  • Full verification and DFM instruction
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Cost-effective DFM and
Artwork checking for all PCB environments.

Our solutions bypass expensive checking tools to allow designers to ensure 100% design integrity for manufacturing success.

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High-level, fast response technical support with experienced board designers

Meet your deadlines with our best-practice design advice, beginner to advanced training, and software how-to instruction.

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For over 30 years, Intercept has offered tailored solutions for all flavors of EDA design environments. With our broad offering of database and library translators, we help customers migrate from any PCB, CAD/CAE, environment seamlessly, allowing for maximum productivity from the first day a design team begins using our software. Likewise, our hands-on, experienced support staff work by your side to train and support new and existing users, ensuring that designs are completed on time. We work with each customer on process flows and how to increase productivity, and we incorporate enhancements into our software where we see opportunities for improvement.

Intercept's EDA software suite includes PCB layout design with specialized PCB RF, Hybrid, and high speed design options, schematic design, simulation interfaces, design for manufacture (DFM) rules checking, electromagnetic compliance (EMC) and signal integrity (SI) checking, library management, and 35+ database translators and interfaces that facilitate full environment migration and the completion of RF, wireless, Hybrid, multi-chip module (MCM), high frequency and low frequency, SiP, analog, digital, and mixed-signal designs. Intercept's software solutions are scalable, serving small, medium, and large sized companies.

  • The engineers in Trimble’s Engineering and Construction division have been using Intercept’s Pantheon PCB CAD software for 15 years. We are drawn to Pantheon’s intuitive interface and ease of use. The software strikes a balance between providing the user with the powerful tool to expedite the board design process without over-constraining the user’s ability to tailor the product to match our design process.

    Mark Salvador, Manager of Electrical Engineering Group, Trimble
  • Working with Intercept is a true awakening! As service bureau we needed quick and accurate response to questions and inquiries on new methods that could mean new enhancements for the tool, and Intercept stepped up to the task. Intercept has been our company of choice and I would recommend them for any of the ECAD tasks that may be required for quality manufacturing.

    John Horner, Owner, KineXions
  • I have been using Pantheon and Mozaix for about nine years and I have never worked with a company that is more dedicated to listening to their users than Intercept.

    Tommy Ligotti, SR. PCB Designer
  • Whenever I had a major issue with a project, I always got quick fixes in the software when needed and continual support backup to prevent projects from slipping. This would happen in a couple of days at most. I cannot tell you how many times we were in the same situation with other vendors and got zip!

    Chuck Hurst, Consultant, Pantheon user for 15+ years
  • Congratulations! [The 2012 NPI Award for Best New PCB Software] is something that you worked hard for, and I benefited from that hard work over the years.

    Intercept Customer, Aerospace & Defense
  • I have never had a quicker support response from any other EDA company.

    Michael Sorenson, Sierra Wireless
  • Intercept has demonstrated flexibility and responsiveness in not only dealing with our mutual customer requests, design and enhancements but in general as an AWR Alliance partner.

    Sherry Hess, VP marketing at AWR
  • Focusing on the needs of the customer is a trait both companies share and share strongly!

    Sherry Hess, VP marketing at AWR
  • National Instruments selected Intercept tools for our latest generation of RF instruments. Designing such high-performance RF instruments requires very intricate PC board design. The Pantheon tool is well suited to these challenges and gives us the right amount of control over difficult geometries, which is vital to our designs.

    Jin Bains, R&D manager, National Instruments
  • We are very satisfied with the progress we are making using Pantheon and Mozaix, and the application support.

    Intercept Customer, Aerospace & Defense
  • I’d just like to say thanks for being one of the most innovative tools on the market today.

    Tommy Ligotti, SR. PCB Designer
  • When I first started using Pantheon, I was fully trained and productive within two weeks. I have designed complex, high density boards with diff pairs in Pantheon without any trouble at all. As for the software, all I can say is that I like it.

    Jim Cook, Consultant, Pantheon user for 6+ years
  • I’ve used and evaluated several of the industry-leading PCB design packages. When you compare methodology and functionality it becomes clear that Intercept’s suite of tools offers the most productive path from concept to CAM.

    Lou Shababy, PCB Design Manager

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