Intercept Technology Extends Impedance Calculator App to Apple iOS Devices

ATLANTA, GA – March 14, 2016 – Intercept Technology Inc., a leading EDA software developer for PCB, RF, and Hybrid design solutions today announced the development and availability of their Impedance Calculator on Apple devices. The tool, allowing designers to access microstrip and stripline impedance calculators from their phone, phablet or tablet, highlights Intercept’s mission to provide customers with a choice of how and where to access Intercept design functionality.

The Impedance Calculator, also available on Android devices, includes industry-standard formulas for microstrip, embedded microstrip, edge-coupled microstrip, symmetric/assymetric stripline, edge coupled stripline, and broadside coupled stripline transmission lines. The calculator can display the formula used for each transmission line type, if needed. Users enter values for dielectric height or thickness, wire width, wire thickness, relative dielectric constant and wire gap (if applicable) to calculate the impedance. Users can also determine the wire width if the impedance is known.

The Impedance Calculator is also delivered seamlessly to customers within the Pantheon application environment, allowing users to access calculator functions alongside the PCB software program’s state-of-the-art design features.

“The extension of Intercept’s Impedance Calculator from Android and now to Apple iOS devices showcases Intercept’s mission to provide breakthrough solutions for designers, paving the way for entirely new design experiences and changing how designers access functionality they need, at a glance,” said Dale Hanzelka, Director of Sales and Marketing at Intercept. “We are proud to offer the Impedance Calculator app as a seamless experience, empowering our customers to design across new and innovative channels.”

The app is available from the iTunes store for iPhones and Apple devices and on Google Play free of charge.

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