High Speed Design in Pantheon and Mozaix

Xtent High Speed Constraints Editor Offers Simplicity and Sophistication All in OneHarness the power of high speed design with the Xtent Technology Rules and Constraints Manager, an integrated single source tool for the management of design rules and constraints in Mozaix and Pantheon. Accessible throughout the design cycle, Xtent allows for quick creation, manipulation, and assignment of design rules and constraints in an integrated application.
A signal path in Pantheon, just before auto-tuning.Xtent’s spreadsheet format provides a robust and flexible environment, which includes visual cues for layer stackup and padstack construction, and color coded highlights to indicate rule or constraint violations and changes in layer rules. In a real-time bidirectional exchange of information between Xtent and A signal path in Pantheon, automatically tuned to the specified length.Pantheon, actual lengths of From-To and Signal Path nets are displayed, with automatic select and tune of one or more of these objects enabled by a single mouse click. Likewise, this powerful information exchange is available in Mozaix, where complete rule definitions, assignments and high-speed constraints Auto-Defined Signal Path can be defined and annotated to and from the Pantheon layout. Rules can also be imported and exported to and from designs or edited in MS Excel .csv file format.
Xtent includes several high speed constraint options: Signal Path Class, Signal Path, and the single net High Speed editor. Licensed separately for high speed design environments, this specialized design flow includes the ability to define Signal Path (electrical paths containing more than one net) lengths, net lengths or pin-to-pin (From-To) length constraints using formulas and functions, as well as the ability to auto-define Signal Path objects through user-specified pattern criteria. For single net constraint management, values may be specified and assigned using pattern matching as well. High speed net constraints include match groups, formulated net length criteria, real-time length display, and real-time error checking to guide users as they enter their constraints.
Intercept’s RF, Hybrid and High-Speed design products are available for purchase with Pantheon, Intercept’s PCB/Hybrid/RF layout design application, and Mozaix, Intercept’s schematic design application.

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