Experience the benefit of hands-on, intensive training with qualified designers who are experts at the Mozaix and Pantheon software family. Training is available at your site or any agreed upon training facility. Basic training and advanced training options are available (see descriptions below). For more information or to reserve a class time, contact

Basic Pantheon Layout Software Training

Maximize your use of Pantheon's advanced feature set and master a range of concepts from geometry creation to RF or Hybrid design techniques, from schematic design to manufacturing output. Training includes your choice of two, three or four days of hands-on, intensive, real-world practice with the benefits of a small class setting.

Basic Mozaix Schematic Design Software Training

Learn why Mozaix is a cutting edge schematic design application with many advanced features designed to shorten design time. Training includes two days of hands-on training.

Basic Indx Library Management Software Training

Experience a better way to manage your libraries using Indx. This one day training class covers symbol, part and geometry creation, library creation and management, and provides a high level overview of how to use Indx's more powerful management methods to track commits and errors.

Advanced Training

Coupled with basic training, specialized half-day training modules are available. Advanced training modules cover a wide variety of topics, with new topics added often. Some topics currently available are:

  • Advanced Routing
  • Artwork Verification and DFM
  • Design Reuse with Block Technology
  • Engineering Change Orders (ECOs)
  • Hybrid Design in Pantheon
  • RF Design in Pantheon

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